Westminster Dog Show 2010. Also, belated Christmas present.

1. Snorth and I exchanged holiday presents in February (hey, are you perfect? I think not), I gave her the “Rubenstein D’Grumples” drawing, and she surprised me with this great piece. Here’s the back story: Snorth bought a flower pot that looks like a snail. It cracked, so she was no longer able to put plants in it. Instead of weeping and rending her garments, she repurposed it. She crocheted a little dome out of eyelash yarn, which looked like a little moss cap, and then crocheted accompanying mushrooms on top of that. Snorth stuffed the snail pot and put this moss ‘n’ mushrooms on top and voila: instant terrificness.

snail1 snail2

Isn’t that charming? I don’t know where to put it in my apartment yet, but I love it and I’m going to find it a good home.

2. DOG SHOW OMG BBQ. Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I look forward to this thing every year. And this year was no disappointment. My camera decided to die last year at Westminster, so I was concerned I wouldn’t have any pictures this year with my new camera, like I was cursed. But my new camera did great and many of my pictures came out just fine. I’m going to take you through the benching area which isn’t photographed much. It’s where the dogs are groomed and where they wait before being judged.

There are these little patches of wood shavings throughout the room, and that’s where the dogs relieve themselves before heading out into the ring. Here are two papillons (French for “butterfly”, so called because of the giant, wing-like ears) contemplating takin’ a tinkle.


In order to keep your beast looking their best, you have to use a myriad of styling tools on them. The groomers use all the ones you see at the salons: hairdryers, hairspray, brushes, combs, fancy foot baths, even eye shadow. And oh so many hair clips and hair ties. Here you see a fine fellah rockin’ some sweet blue ones.


Here’s an afgan wearing a snood. The afgan’s ears are long and covered with hair, and you don’t want that dragging on the ground and in their food bowl, do you? No, you don’t. So many dogs with ears like that are seen wearing what appears to be festively-colored granny-panties on their head.


This one is blurry, but I couldn’t not include it. This dog has his ears wrapped, I don’t know why. I’m sure they have a good reason. It does make the dog look really silly, like a highly displeased Pippy Longstocking. I giggled when I saw him.


This dog is getting a foot bath. I guess his feet were shmutzy. I just loved how he looked like he had been on a coffee and cigarettes bender for a week.


This is a sheepdog wearing socks. Please note how fluffy the dog is, and then look at the socks and realize how skinny he actually is under all that fluffitude. The handler was helpful in telling me that this was the back end of the dog (sometimes it is hard to tell).


And this is the front.


I loved this dog solely because he reminded me of Stains.


Here is a picture of the nicest German shepherd you ever could meet. It liked to hop up on its back legs, put its front legs on its owner’s shoulders, and give her kisses all over her face. Awwwww.


These is my most favorite dog breed in the whole world, the Borzoi. Borzois are also known as Russian Wolfhounds. They have been used in art and paintings for centuries because they’re so elegant and lithe.

_wsb_566x458_Borzoi+hunt+2 borzoi_russian_wolf_hound_painting John_Emms_-_Borzoi_in_a_Landscape_-_os_20x26.5 LQLYF00Z Z5N6D00Z

Here is a male and female borzoi hangin’ out, being photogenic unintentionally. Even when they’re not trying to be pretty, they are.


And here’s a female borzoi laying on the ground, having a meaningful discussion with my mother. I think I’m going to have this framed for her.


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  1. Gemma says:

    I love that planter/pot! Especially after she added her crafty touches! 🙂
    Thought you both might enjoy these: http://www.teapots.me.uk/ (please pass the link on…)

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