Polymer Convention in Baltimore – Part 2.

I didn’t really see the possibilities in polymer clay before because most of the work out there is, for lack of a better work, clunky. There was nothing delicate, nothing precise and defined. And then I found Jeffrey Lloyd Dever. JLD is a renowned polymer artist. He’s in galleries. He’s in museums. He is my polymer hero.

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I mean, look at this sculptural teapot, for crying out loud. How awesome is this thing?


It is also over $4,000. I don’t often use emoticons, but I will make an exception here. 🙁

One of the reasons I went to this convention was to study at the feet of the master. I consider myself able to speak fairly coherently, but when I met Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, I turned into a total three-year-old. (“HELLO. I CAME TO THIS CONVENTION BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.”) However, he seemed to be okay with that, and he gracefully dealt with my tendency to stare unblinkingly at him whenever he was around.* But the best thing was that JLD had a few pieces for sale. Granted, they were pricey, but not atrociously so. And… I bought one. I totally did! It’s a little piece. It’s supposed to be worn as a pin, but I intend to get a small shadowbox and hang it on the wall. I loves it so very much. It’s like owning an original da Vinci for me. Here’s a crappity picture I took of it.


*What? He might do something creative and genius and I would miss it. Must… maintain… constant… eye contact…

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