Polymer convention in Baltimore – Part 1.

I bet you thought I was dead, didn’t you? Well, I wasn’t! I was at a convention in Baltimore, my very first convention about anything. It was for polymer clay. As you may or may not know, I have taken an interest in polymer clay lately because I see buckets of potential in it. I wrote a whole entry on it previously. The convention was lovely, I must say. Everyone was really nice and informative and I learned all kinds of new techniques and what the material is capable of, etc.. I took a whole mess of notes. Unfortunately from a picture-taking angle, we didn’t actually make anything. We just learned about making things. So almost all of my classes looked like this:


And we were not allowed to take pictures in the gallery or exhibition hall, so I have no cool pictures of the convention to share with you. However, I am able to show you some pictures of the hotel we were in. It was so very pretty. It’s called the Tremont Grand on St. Paul Street in Baltimore. It was built as a Masonic Hall in 18-something-something, and the architecture is impressive. It’s not how I would decorate my house, but it is definitely stunning.

hotel5 hotel2 hotel3 hotel4 hotel1

And the architecture in Baltimore itself, oh, it is something else. The many crack-addled people sauntering around the neighborhood the hotel was located in (anybody see The Wire? Yeah, it was like that), even they looked beautiful against the turrets and bay windows and columns. It’s just beautiful. Here’s a building that caught my eye. I wouldn’t mind living there, not one bit.


And here’s a building from the Art Deco period with owls (must I remind you of my feelings for owls?), but more importantly, angry sparrows! And the city’s mascot, the crab!

baltimore3 baltimore2

Tomorrow I will tell you of my exciting Baltimore convention purchase.

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