Happy happy spring spring!

While living in New York can be awful, weather-wise, the benefit of that is that when the weather is beautiful, you really appreciate it. Can’t imagine it’s the same for people who live in the Caribbean. Now spring has sprung in Manhattan, and the park right in front of my job is full of flowers. I tell you, it makes everything better.

It also means that the Macy’s Flower Show was this past week. Since is it:
– across the street, and
– free,
I couldn’t not go. Here’s my blog entry from two years ago on it. And, as usual, it was visually stunning. The theme this year was oldie-tymie hot-air balloons.

The gardens were lovely. As usual, my favorite was the bromeliad and orchid garden.

And the entrance area’s ceiling was covered with paper butterflies.

The best part: a cage with three neat colored finches in one of the aisles.

The sad moment for me was when I realized that all the little placards were written in Papyrus font. (Sad face emoticon here.) However, I did have a “tee hee” graphic designer moment.

See? The plant is called Papyrus, and it’s in the Papyrus font! Ha ha ha! Graphic designer humor! Never gets old.

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  1. snorth says:

    Did they also have a Comic Sans plant? Because if they did, you should totally pour bleach on it.

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