Random things you ought to know.

1. I did not know this about myself, but I learned today from Cute Overload that I like banana slugs.

I think that the name should be changed to “American Cheese Slug”.

Thank you, photographer J-Fish.

2. I saw The Princess and The Frog the other night (it was meh) but I noticed that I look exactly like the large friendly alligator named Louis who only wants to play trumpet in a band. I took a screengrab so you could appreciate the similarity. I mean, look at Louis’ facial expression. I make that face all the time.

I would prefer to look exactly like a fancy-pants lady movie star, but it is what it is.

3. Charts! First, a chart about Pixar characters.

And then an angry chart about how stupid charts are.

4. I originally thought this was the greatest Rube Goldberg thing of all time – the Honda cog commercial.


And then I saw the OKGO video. Super rad, dudes. Super rad.


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  1. snorth says:

    Hey, if it makes you feel better, I looked just like someone on that show “Blind Date”. A DUDE! A chubby, socially awkward guy with glasses and pretty much the same hair as me. I had Speeb check it out and even he agreed. =ugh=

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