Ay Caramba! Gifs!

Everybody here know what  an animated gif is? No? Okay, description:


If that was confusing or excessively complicated for some of y’all, here’s my description: It’s a bunch of images with a palette of 256 colors, and you can save it with code embedded up in there that remembers a bunch of gifs in a row, making a teeny tiny movie that you don’t need special software to see (like Flash). So even if you’re on the most basic of computers, chances are people can see your wee animation. Also, it’s an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format, but some people pronounce it Jif, like the peanut butter, which is WRONG (even though the dictionary recognizes it as an acceptable pronunciation). Please pronounce it like “gift” without the T. Thank you.

I just discovered a great website called Señor Gif. It finds adorable little gifs around the internet and shares them with you, the viewer. As you can imagine, the internet is vast, and gifs are easily made, making the world flooded with crappy, sucky gifs. So it’s nice to have a website that only shows you the finest the world has to offer. Here are some of my favorites. You’ll notice there are a lot of cat gifs, and that’s because if the internet was a human body, the spine would be comprised of cats and funny cat-related things.









By the way, the last animated gif has many people up in a tizzy. Nothing’s wrong with OMG Cat, he just has gray-colored fur on his chin area. No horrible accident, no deformity, nothing. Gray fur. Everybody stay calm.

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