Feric and McBess. No resemblance to Captain and Tenille.

I am a big fan of two artists’ work. One is a guy who goes by the name of Feric. His real name is Eric Feng, but Feric is his nom de plume, and it’s charming. He does these complex vector illustrations with a variety of lines creating a sense of depth. And Feric’s subject matter is great too – often mechanical animals being ridden by zen little buddhas. I envy his ability to draw his imaginary characters from such difficult angles. It’s really easy to draw something facing straight forward or from the side, but Feric draws things on a three-quarter angle, which is very hard. I am in awe of his skill.

I got really excited when I saw a car illustration in Wired magazine and I was like, “Hey, isn’t that Feric?” And it was! I was a happy camper.

The other artist I wanted to talk about goes by the name of McBess. Same story as Feric: His real name is Matthieu Bessudo, nom de plume is McBess, charming. His style is bringin’ back the 1920’s cartoon style, like this one. You know, the black and white people with all-black eyes and rubbery limbs.

And he’s in a band too, so he worked on a video for them. Just an FYI, there’s a couple less-than-work-appropriate shots in the video. Song’s real catchy, tho’.


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