A touch of spam and some not-so-great ads aimed at wimmins.

First, the spam. I received this in my comments between the normal effluvia of stuff I get.

Wait, what? What the hell does this have to do with anything else happening in our solar system at all? I sincerely hope this spammer was stoned out of his gourd, having one of those, “Dude, look at your hand, I mean, really look at it” moments. That being said, it’s a cool idea and I would like to see that in a movie someday.

On my way to work I am bombarded with a gazillion ads, so when one stands out, it’s either very good, very bad or very weird. This one is the latter. I was startled with I first saw this one. I mean, whoa. EYEBROWS.

You wanna maybe whittle those monsters down a little there, sweetie? I am extremely lax with my ladylike responsibilities (I don’t dye or style my hair, I don’t wear makeup or jewelry, etc.) but I still tend to the black forest above m’eyeballs. When I look at you, I am reminded of my childhood on the playground, playing with wooly bear caterpillars.

Then, in Grand Central Terminal, there are a bunch of ads for the We network. They be hawkin’ their bitchy bride program with this poster.

Now, there’s a section with three large vertical ad spaces set close together. Instead of running three separate ads, the We Network printed a big billboard and chopped it into three pieces, not taking into account the gaps between the ad spaces and how that would distort the image.

BIG shoulders. GIANT torso. I see this twice a day and everytime I think this:

Don’t make the bride mad. You wouldn’t like the bride when she’s mad.

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