Movie reviews, some charty graphs, and travel news.

1. I saw three movies recently – Tron, The A-Team and Inception. Long story short: they all sucked in varying degrees. A-Team was just astonishingly horrid. I mean, I love me some movie explosions, and even those couldn’t save this colossal pile of fail. Luckily, I was watching it at Cricket’s house, so I could just scream at him, “WHY?!?? Why are you making me watch this?!? Was it something I said? I’m sorry! Please forgive me! And turn it off!” He just laughed at me. I was not kidding. It was like waterboarding. Next crappiest film was Tron. I didn’t have super-high hopes for it, but it was so obviously written for the dumb masses, with absolutely no attempt to be clever or deep or anything. It was very “ooooh – shiny!” with almost no good plot work. My moment of complete frustration is when the lead male and female are in the computer and they are trying to sneak away from the bad guys, all Mission Impossible-style, but they’re wearing SUITS WITH LIGHTS ALL OVER THEM on a black background. A blind person could see them from outer space. Hey, here’s an idea, being sneaky-like would be a whole lot easier if you didn’t look like the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Just an idea. The final film was Inception. It wasn’t bad, it was just meh. So, so very much talking. Something cool would happen – Look! Paris folding over itself! – and then fifteen more minutes of talking. By the end I just wanted everyone to shut up. And I was confused. It’s a dream within a dream within a dream, and each dream is a different person’s, so it’s difficult to keep track. There’s a lot of, “Who is this now?” and “What is he doing?” It was fine, don’t get me wrong, but I was expecting something on the level of Momento (great, great film) and it wasn’t. Also, if you want a film with what I think is better interpretations of what dreams look like, at least to me, see The Science of Sleep. The dream sequences in that felt really accurate.

2. Charty graphy charty charts. All from Buzzfeed. First, a cool map of all the districts in New York.

Then, a poster of fancy drinks. I mainly like this because I am all about cocktails.

And finally, really adorable anti-smoking signs from Japan.

3. I’m going to London for a week with Cricket, from February 6th to February 13th, so I shall be incommunicado for that time. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of delightful things to share with you upon my return, so be good while I’m gone.

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