Random animalia and the creepiest ad ever.

1. I am always lovin’ the beasties, but right now I’m going through a weird animal phase. For example, I recently cannot get enough of the capybara. Let’s all look at a picture of a capybara with squirrel monkeys riding on it.

The capybara is the largest member of the rodent family. My love for it is primarily because it looks so “over it.” Its expression says, “Oh, you just discovered the greatest thing in all of time? That’s nice. Whatevs. Snore.” My co-worker Børkke didn’t know what one was, so I typed “capybara” into YouTube, and the first link I got was this:


She didn’t find that helpful at all. So thanks, YouTube, for further confusing Børkke.

This is the most recent video that reminded me of two things about the capybara. One, they like water (They have webbed feet for swimming!). Two, either they are the most relaxed creature ever, or the stupidest creature ever. Jury’s still out.


The other creature that fills me with a thirst for knowledge about it is the sage grouse. The female sage grouse is rather ordinary, but the male sage grouse, well, he has what appears to be two giant yellow testicles draped over his shoulders like boxing gloves. He keeps them inside these white feathery pockets, but when he feels like mating he pops those puppies out, which causes them to make a noise not unlike a very, very large leaky faucet dropping a very, very large drop of water. Needless to say, AWESOME.


I also appreciate the delightful prairie chicken, who has smaller orange neck-testicles, pointy feather-ears and foot-stomping, but the sage grouse has my heart.


2. I was on Facebook the other day, and you know how they have those sponsored ads on the side? And how, more often than not, the picture has nothing to do with the ad? Well, this is what I got.

AHHHH! Demon Child!! If social work has anything to do with this Chucky-doppelganger, I decline, thank you! I actually hit “refresh” in order to get an ad that didn’t have a growling spawn glowering at me.

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  1. snorth says:

    LOLOL!!!! That look is one of the main reasons I love working with kids! Hilarious! But, yes, if this is an attempt to sell someone on becoming a social worker, I think they’ll get only the creepiest of weirdos signing up.

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