Sea Creature Costume (part 1 of what’s going to be like a million).

Now that I’ve decided to go to Burning Man, I want to have a super-rad costume for it. And since I’m going to invest an insane amount of time and energy into it, and not a meager amount of funds, I want to get as much use out of it as possible. So I’m making a sea creature costume. That way I can use it for Burning Man, two Halloweens and the Mermaid Parade. That’s me, always thinkin’. I’ve been thinking of a design that will allow LEDs to be placed all over the costume, and then I have to take battery packs that run the LEDs and their hiding areas into account, so I’ve been contemplating this for a solid week now. I did a bunch of research on sea flora and fauna and came up with a look. Lotta browns, lotta greens, a bunch of tomato red, some purples and almost no blue. Look at this collage I made. The only blue is because the jellies are in an aquarium. Otherwise, almost no blue at all.

And I made myself a drawing so I had some reference point.

There’s headdress/facscinator with a crab and some tube worms, then there’s the beaded necklace that looks like kelp, followed by the two sea slug bracelets, the corset covered in scales, and the hoop skirt with starfish. This drawing doesn’t include the snail shells on the shoes or the jellyfish umbrella. CRAZY amounts of work. I’ve already started beading the necklace. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to yell, “Hey, pipe down! Can’t you see I’m working on my kelp necklace?!”

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  1. Gemma says:

    If you are really going to Burning Man…I want to go too! 🙂

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