St Francis of Assisi Day.

Before I left for Africa I went to the annual St. Francis of Assisi Day Celebration in The Cathedral of St. John the Divine. It was a good year, not the best year I’ve ever seen there, but good. It would have been vastly improved had the raptor n’ owl guy been there, but alas, he was not. Sigh. However, I did have an “am-I-in-a-dream” moment when I was watching the procession of animals come down the aisle, and…hey, is that Edie Falco holding a baby kangaroo? For no reason whatsoever?

Yup, yes it is.

There were a lot of the usual suspects at this year’s procession. Not that they’re bad, just expected. Like this lovely cow.

Some llamas and an alpaca:

A wee pig:

The tortoise that, due to all the foliage around him, unfortunately looks like he’s being served for Thanksgiving dinner:

A dromedary and a yak and a duck and that woman who clutches the fennec right up to her chest so it’s impossible for me to get a decent photo, they were all there.

There were two distinctly new additions to the beastie-parade. There was a macaque (oooooh) and a coati (ahhhhh).

But, as always, the real winners were the people of New York and their pets. Were there demented owners who insisted on putting bows in their dogs’ hair and pushing them them around in strollers? You betcha.

A guy brought his turtle to be blessed.

But the most impressive blessed creature of the day was the British guy who brought his…wait for it…jellyfish to church.

There are two of them. I circled them because, you know, they’re see-through and therefore difficult to spot.

A bunch of other people took a whole lot of stunning pictures that people emailed me all day. They are far, far superior to my photos, so please enjoy.

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