Designin’ for a livin’.

While I devote almost all my free time to my Burning Man costume, I am still gainfully employed in the advertising and still do freelance work on the side. Someone asked me why I work so much, and I sent them this image. While I do not knit, it still answers the question.

And work is not always work. Publicis recently competed in an inter-agency dodgeball tournament, where I went as a cheerleader (or “athletic supporter”). I made a truly offensive sign and with my co-worker Foxxx we sat there and cheered for our team. Team Dodgy Style. Really. Warning: Totally classless.

But in actual work-related stuff, I finished the Publicis History Timeline that I started about a year ago. I had to do a ton a research because no one had any pictures or anything, but I really enjoyed the quest. And it all gave me an opportunity to stretch my designing muscles because I was given complete free rein. I came up with all the little curlycue bits on the text boxes and all the graphic elements, everything. It was a blast. Here’s the full timeline, followed by several noteworthy chunks for deeper perusing.

Also, I love it when nothing goes to waste. A while back I made a vector illustration of a variety of buildings and signs (and one ambulance) in Chappaqua for my side work,, the local newspaper. It wasn’t a hit and I was a bit forlorn because I had spent a lot of time on it. But sho’nuff, it has resurfaced in this page header and everyone thinks it great so that makes me happy.

And finally, there might be another type of timeline similar to the one above and they wanted it to be very contemporary-looking so I designed my first number set for the 1920s, 1930s,… 2000s, 2010s, etc. part. It’s harder than it looks but I think it turned out really cool. I like that each number/letter will have a unique color pattern.

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