Belgium and some charts.

The Moomins and I are going to Belgium for Thanksgiving this year, so in order to find out all the awesome things The Moomins called the Belgian Tourist Bureau. And the Belgian Tourist Bureau informed her, without a hint of humor, that they only deal with the Wallonia region (French-speaking), not the Flanders region (Dutch-speaking). Okay, this is pathetic. Do you know how big Belgium is? It’s 11,000 square miles. New York State is 54,000 square miles. Belgium is teeny-tiny. However, the Frenchies and the Dutchies are still fussin’ and gripin’ and won’t play nice. So The Moomins had to call a different tourist bureau to get info on the Flanders chunk. It’s fine if the two regions are cranky. My people are from Israel, I am in no place to judge people fighting about land the size of Rhode Island. However, do you think the the official tourist bureaus can put their differences aside to send my mother information about the entirety of the stupid country so we can visit it and give it our money? Perhaps maybe?

I asked The Moomins, who was raised by Belgians and speaks both languages, what holds the country together and without blinking she said, “Beer.”

In other news, charts.

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  1. Gemma says:

    So jealous of your travels once again….I only hope that my daughter will want to travel with me when she is older, that sounds really nice! 🙂

  2. Rothbeastie says:

    If she’s as awesome as I remember, you guys will travel together. 🙂

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