Things that chap my hide because I am an old grump now. Basically Liz Lemon.

1. When people say “an historic moment”. I had to hear this over and over again when Obama got elected the first time ’round. Stop it. Stop it right now. You use “a” in front of words that have a consonant sound, and “an” in front of words that have a vowel sound only. OWN. LEE. It doesn’t mean it automatically goes in front of a vowel, just a vowel sound. For example, “eulogy”. Starts with a vowel, but since it has a “yoo” beginning, you say “a eulogy”. What the hell is with the “an” in front of “historic”? HHHHHHHHHHistoric. Unless everybody has a cockney accent and is saying “an ‘istoric moment”, it should be A HISTORIC. YOU HEAR ME, NEWSCASTERS??? “A historic moment.”.

2. When people say, “We are pregnant.” “We” are not pregnant. “We” are expecting a child. “We” have created a new person together. “We” are not pregnant. Only the lady is pregnant. You, my main man, are not pregnant. You are not sharing in the carrying of the baby. You might be doing everything else around the nice lady, like cooking and cleaning and helping her roll over in the middle of the night and rubbing her feet, and I commend you for that, but still, you are not pregnant. Stop saying that.

3. When Jackson Galaxy refers to people as cat guardians, not cat owners. I love Jackson Galaxy and I truly think he is doing work for good, but if I had a cat, I would be its owner. It would be my property. It wouldn’t even be my slave, because slaves actually do stuff like pull carts and build pyramids. Cats just treat you with disdain and poop in a box (which I, the owner, would need to clean). I would not be keeping this precious feline safe until the Gods contact it so it can save the world (guardian), I would just be someone who has a cat (owner). Don’t get me wrong, I would love this cat so hard its forehead would be bald from excessive petting. But I would still be its owner.

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  1. Jason Eoff says:

    Thank you. My point with my wife exactly. Thought we were missing the boat somewhere!!

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