30 Rock is gone. It’s gone. I am so sad. I must now go on the hunt for new and exciting television items. Monday Mornings looks like it’s going to fill my House-abyss. Remember when House was good, like, the first three seasons? Everyone always tells me to watch The Big Bang Theory, but I can’t for a very specific reason. It has a laugh track. There’s nothing wrong with laugh tracks really. They make some people angry because they (the viewer) feel condescended to (“I know where to laugh, I don’t need a signal!”). My problem is different. This is going to sound like a humble-brag, but it’s not. I absorb information aurally very quickly. That’s great and all, but it means I cannot enjoy many things that I think I would. I can’t listen to audiobooks on tape because they talk too slow and I struggle to stay focused. I don’t like NPR for the same reason. I’ve actually looked into buying some kind of software that plays audiobooks at double-speed on my iPod so I can listen to them. Now comedy, I think, is so much about timing, and the half-a-second spent on inserting laughter into a show kills the flow for me. It can be so much snappier without it! Gilmore Girls is a good example of something written at the pace I like bestest and its speed has been commented on numerous times, but it makes complete sense to me. If anyone has any suggestions of brisk, well-written comedies, please let me know, won’t you? Thanks ever so much.

P.S. I hear good things about The New Girl. I will try to overcome my dislike of the twee-ness of Zooey D. and watch it.

Addendum to the P.S. to the whatever: The West Wing is streaming on Netflix (finally) and I started watching it. Golly gosh, that show is good. I don’t give two hoots about politics, but I am engrossed. Engrossed, I tell you! The characters, they are so well-developed. I am super-psyched.

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