The elusive beaded acorn.

My father is having his second bar mitzvah in exactly one year. Apparently that’s real: You have your first bar mitzvah at thirteen and you can have your second bar mitzvah at eighty-three. It’s a real thing. My dad is super-psyched and I figured I could make him a really nice piece of judaica for this momentous occasion. He has a beautiful torah mantle in his house (here are two examples of a torah mantle, the one my dad has has the same embroidery, but it’s on a cream-colored velvet, not maroon or navy):

And he could use some rimonim to go with it. Rimonim is a Hebrew word based on the word Rimon, which means pomegranate, and that will make sense when you see them. They are, basically, decorative stick toppers. The Torah rolls onto two sticks, and the rimonim go over the sticks. That’s the whole story. Often they have orb-shaped components that resemble pomegranates, and then sometimes there are bells, which is nice. They are most commonly made of brass and silver. Here is an example of that.

See? Decorative stick toppers. So I think it would be a cool gift to make my father a set of rimonim. I thought that instead of bells, I would have beaded acorns, and maybe make the pomegranate part be a bird’s nest of wire with eggs in it. Ain’t nobody got a set of rimonim like that. Thems be one-of-a-kind. Anyway, while I was taking a brief hiatus from the leaf tapestry, I tried coming up with a beading pattern for an acorn cap. The first tries, they did not go well. But in the end, victory was achieved.

Attempt #1: Lumpy weirdness.

Attempt #2: Still lumpy, getting better.

Attempt #4ish (I took #3 apart and restarted 2/3 of the way through): Boom. Got it.

Here. I will hold it on an acorn to show where I’m going with this:

I think those will be nice dangling all over the periphery of this wire beaded structure. I need to make more sketches so I can figure out how this is going to evolve. More elements of these to come.

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