Costa Rica 2013, Part 1.

I went to Costa Rica again! I spent most of my time in the rainforest, which continues to look like it has not changed since the time of the dinosaurs. Still looking for a brontosaurus to pop out and say hi, still didn’t happen. Imma keep looking, tho. I shall not be thwarted.

In case anyone is wondering what I am talking about, I’m referring to my last trip to Costa Rica a little over a year ago. Below is the first entry of about nine. I’m going to reference stuff from that trip occasionally, so perhaps if you would like you should read those so as to be up-to-date. Not a requirement, totally your choice.

The plants are also still vibrant and waxy and enormous and vulgar. They all looked like things designed by Alexander McQueen after he had been to a rave for four days and was hallucinating. I spent a great deal of time being offended by vegetation. “Gosh, put some pants on, don’t you know there are kids here?”

This plant is called The Flamboyant Acacia. I desperately want one, but they are entirely tropical so no Drag Queen Acacia for me. Sigh.

And look at these hibiscii! So frilly! And happy!

You know our houseplants that we put in a window and love and water and care for and then they die? People use them for hedges in Costa Rica. People pay no attention to them, give them no love and the plants thrive.

Anyway, the first full day The Moomins and I were in Costa Rica we went back to the Poaz Volcano. I had no idea how lucky we were last time. Last time, we showed up at the volcano, the sun was shining, the volcano coughed up some sulfurous steam, we all took pictures, it was easy-peasy. This time… fog. All over the everything. Couldn’t see nothin’. I took a picture of The Moomins doing a “The Price is Right” impression, showing off the view of white haze we had to look at. You could still smell the sulfur, though. Really the best possible outcome. All stank and no view.

But then some fog moved away! And you could see the steamy bit! Costa Rica has about 22 volcanoes, and three of them are being watched by scientists because they’re feisty. This is one of them.

Poaz is in the mountains, so it doesn’t have a rainforest, it has a mountain forest with entirely different plants and trees. So, so many ferns. Big, freaky ferns that reach out from the darkness with balled-up leaves that resemble the arthritic fingers of giant ghosts. Oooooooogie boogie.

After we strolled though the mountain forest around Poaz for a while, we went to a rainforest with three waterfalls. I definitely deserve a cookie for that portion of the trip. I climbed many stairs, like 100 of them, they were mossy and slippery and various heights. When I got back my father asked me if my raincoat worked and I told him in all honesty that I have no idea because it was soaking wet inside the raincoat due to condensation and sweatiness. But the waterfalls were stunning and crazy-photogenic.

The Moomins went ecstatic over the plantlife. Every few steps she would clasp her hands together and say, “Look at that beautiful leaf? Jessica, isn’t that the most beautiful leaf you’ve ever seen? Take a picture of the leaf.” If I had a phrase that summed up this trip, “Take a picture of the leaf” would be it. I would try to patiently explain, Moomins, there are five thousand leaves on this tree, and there are five thousand trees. I took a picture of the same type of leaf five minutes ago when you asked. And The Moomins would look at me very seriously and say, “Yes, but this one is different.”

Long story short: I took a ton of leaf-pics to appease The Moomins. I quietly deleted many of them when we would get back to the hotel room in the evening, but she didn’t care. As my father says, “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” “Happy Moomins, Happy Life” doesn’t rhyme, but it’s the same sentiment.

Tomorrow we will delve into San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.

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  1. Gemma says:

    Ooh, my bananas don’t look that lush…but my birds of paradise keep outgrowing the pool cage. 😉 Looks beautiful and green!

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