Stuff I’ve been working on.

Last week I got to work on a pharmaceutical pitch book. Pharma is notoriously boring and not fun to design for. However, I made an executive decision to create cool-looking healthcare-related illustrations. I threw them out there and waited for the team working on the pitch to shoot ’em down, but they didn’t! They didn’t shoot it down! And I got to use my nifty imagery. I was very happy. I blurred out all the words because I don’t know if they were proprietary and I don’t feel like getting fired today, but you’ll get the general look ‘n’ feel. I gave myself brownie points for the mortar and pestle. That’s some oldey-timey Rx goodness.

pharma1 pharma2 pharma3 pharma4 pharma5 pharma6 pharma7 pharma8 pharma9 pharma10 pharma11

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