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I have returned from the rainforest! (Surprise – it’s rainy.)

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

I am presently sorting through my 500+ photos to pick the bestest and brightest-est, so in the meantime, please look at this painting by Sebastian Gomez de la Torre.

Nick Cave. No, not that one.

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

I was familiar with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds band because many people in my college were visual arts students and had the posters on their walls. I didn’t listen to NC and the BS because they sounded slow and gloomypants and I was not down with that. I was obsessively listening to this and this and hoo boy, lots of this (NSFW). That was the only Nick Cave I knew. Recently I was made aware of another Nick Cave who makes something called Sound Suits. I think they’re great. They are big body-covering art pieces that drastically alter the outline of one’s body. And often they make a noise when one moves, hence the name. Here are some samples.

How awesome are those? (Correct answer: super-awesome.) Then I found out he was bringing some of his pieces to Grand Central and I was like, “Oh goody, I go through there every day! How convenient!” He brought a troupe of horses covered in fake straw that sat on wooden stands for most of the day and looked like this:

And twice a day, dancers from the Alvin Ailey school came, put the horse-suits on and danced around the hall. I had to work every time they came ’round, but lots of people took video, so I got the basic idea.

You can see that for part of the dancing, the back end and the front end of the horse come apart and dance separately. I hope a museum in New York does an exhibition of a lot of Nick Cave’s work so I can see all his major pieces at once. That would be something I would love to go to.

I’m going going, back back, to Costa Costa…

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

(Here is a link to the song I am referencing in the title in case you are not that familiar with Biggie’s works.)

I went to Costa Rica in January of 2012 and I liked it so much, I am returning to see even more awesome beastacular creatures. I love it there so much. It’s close (five-hour flight!), it’s relatively inexpensive, and awesomeness abounds. The one thing I was bummed about last time was that I was unable to go to the Sloth Sanctuary. Guess what, people? I’m going this time! Here’s a video on it:

I am also going to a waterfall garden, a volcano, a serpentarium, a hummingbird facility, a butterfly exhibit and a scientific research laboratory located in the middle of the rainforest. I am so very excited. I may die because there is a bunch of hiking through muggy hot allergy-ridden forest, but it will be totally worth it. You know I will have tons of pictures on my return. Get emotionally prepared now.