JR jr’s Mural, Part 2.

I fixed the branches that weren’t to my liking. Then I took out my X-Acto knife and cut away any parts of tape that crossed over each other.


I quickly learned that the white paint, while thick and viscous, was going to need two coats. Ehhhhh.


After I finished the two coats of white, I let the paint dry thoroughly and drank a delicious chai latte. That’s not pertinent to the story of painting, but it was delicious and I though you should know. JR has a fantastic coffee machine. If I lived at JR’s house, I would never go to Starbucks ever again.


Following my nummy drinkeepoo, I took a stencil that I had cut of two boomerang shapes, one slightly bigger than the other and made those dark triangular marks that one sees on the bark of paper birches.


And finally I peeled off all the tape and with a white-dipped paintbrush in one hand and a aqua-dipped paintbrush in the other, I touched up all the places where things didn’t line up exactly or where there was chipping. It is astonishing how long it takes to do this kind of work, especially when you want it to be right ‘n’ tight.

trees5 trees4

Okay, trees done. Now I need to cut out all my animals – fox, cardinals, owl, rabbits – and get ready to paint them in their appropriate locations.

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