An artist I think is delightful.

There’s a woman named Kim Rountree who loves the kawaii elements of Japanese culture. She makes super-qte charms and does a lovely job of it too. Her company is called Oborocharms. Since she makes them herself by hand she has what’s in stock when it’s in stock, so if you like a particular purple charm you should snap it up because who knows when it will be back.

star-cookie-charm-shop_large cocatiel-front_large black-cat-charm_large 883101_501495996580386_1108212269_o 882714_503456389717680_1682515566_o 858384_500568883339764_1932148971_o 602064_494981290565190_2032388769_n 419350_495581720505147_439614443_n 529269_487307744665878_335004398_n

So sweet! There are also clouds, stegosaurii, penguins, oranges, bubble teas, poison apples, wolves, bats, foxes, narwhals, shooting stars, onigiri and a peppermint octopus. Good stuff.

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