An artist I like and a website I also like. Lots of liking goin’ on around here.

First, the artist. This guy is amazing. Keng Lye puts down a layer of resin and then he paints with acrylic on that. Followed by resin, followed by more acrylic, until he builds up a three-dimensional sculptural painting. How beautiful are these?

For the goldfish and the octopus, Keng put a pebble in to add dimension. For the turtle, he put an eggshell. I am totally in love with his bowl of shrimp. I would love to have that in my home forever and ever.

Second, the site. It has lots of cool DIY project ideas, like this one:


Or this one:


And then they posted this the other day.


NOPE. That is not whimsical. That is a toy made by a child in a horror film. If that thing was in the corner of my bedroom, I would move.

Oh I just noticed the “exposed bone” foot. This keeps getting better and better. And by “better and better”, I mean “more and more creeptastical.”

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