JR jr’s mural, Part 3.

I had a lot of drama surrounding the squirrel. I just couldn’t figure out how to render him and make him look cute and then I had an epiphany, “Why must he be crouched on a branch? Why couldn’t he be climbing?” BOOM. Instant problem solved. He now looks like this:


And that means I can put him on any trunk I want, wherever there might be a blank bit. I’m so pleased that my squirrel crisis is resolved.

This past weekend I cut out all my stencils and started with the bunnies and the owl. I cut two stencils for each animal – one overall outline one, and one with the details. The basic outline one looked like this:

mural1 mural2 mural3

And the second stencil was so I would know where to put the eyeballs, beaks, shadows, wings, tails, etc. I want to give the rabbits another coat because they’re still a bit streaky. On the owl I need to put the spiky feathers on his belly, outline his eyes and put in his feet, but it’s getting done. Movin’ right along.

mural4 mural6

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