JR jr’s mural, Part DONE.

I finished it! I banged it out this weekend because the baby is a-comin’ in a week or so and I cannot be painting around a newborn and its weird sleep habits. So I buckled down like an adult-type person and it is finished. I finished the bunnies and woodpecker last week and (quick recap pics):

bunnies-done woodpecker

And now the owl has feet, the cardinals are red with mustard-colored beaks, and there’s a squirrel with a swirly tail.

mural-done1 mural-done2 mural-done3

Plus, I did the fox all in one day! He’s on the wall right next to the door.


I even hid a small painted version of a dead mouse behind the bureau for them to find one day. Full service, that’s me.

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  1. snorth says:

    Dead mouse easter egg: YOU DA BOMB!!!

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