Painted shoes.

I decided that I could use some super-cool painted sneakers. There has been a rebirth in awesome painted sneakers recently, and gosh darnit if I can’t get on that bandwagon. I went to Target and got some basic warm gray canvas sneakers and proceeded to make them jaunty and glittery.

shoes1 shoes2 shoes3

The toes and the heels are sparkly and glittery blue, and I dyed the laces to match. And then there’s red glitter all around the edges and seams. So exciting!

I went to Etsy to see other painted sneakers and like anything else, most are eh, some are good and a few are great.  Like these painted by MichelleHandPainted:


And these absolute stunners by ShelleyBelleShop:

il_fullxfull.417862805_zojf il_fullxfull.417862883_sdz1 il_fullxfull.417862911_1h8t

These are $500. If they didn’t go on my feet and would therefore be tracked through the mud and be ruined, I would snap them up immediately. So beautiful.


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