The Mermaid Parade where I wore my costume, Part 2.

Fiddler crab!


Super-cool group of girls. I didn’t see them strut their stuff, but I hear they were great.


This guy. It took me a while to notice the crotch-tentacles.


Some antique cars. Apparently before the people march, antique cars roll down the street.

parade35 parade34

Oh dear. I don’t think this guy knew a parade was going on.


This woman had two mermaid tails like the Starbucks logo.


I really liked this woman’s costume. Very clever.


Body paint and a thong.


The most intense quadra-boob in the history of quadra-boob.


Some Russian women and a little girl in a sailor suit. That is some impressive underpant-showing.


This is a group photo of everyone who was standing in our basic area. So many colors! So jaunty!


There were some costumes that really caught my eye as spectacular/horrifying/both. One was the drag queen / anemone.


He had a companion lungfish. Here’s a picture of them posing together.


And here’s someone else’s photo where you can appreciate the lungfishy-ness of the lungfish.


Here is a lady in a nautilus costume. I believe nautilii are a perfect example of the absence of intelligent design. They are basically octopuses in giant snail shells, and they swim backwards, unable to see where they are going. That there is some dumb design. I love them anyway.

parade17 parade16

Also this amazing octopus-man. My picture and someone else’s picture:

parade51 131

These two guys. Wow. One guy was wearing a leopard-print Borat bathing suit. The other one was wearing a rope with a sparkly codpiece… and nothing else.


Here are some other people’s pictures where you can really, ahem, appreciate the front.

130 9111753431_7a3c9cb5cd_b

Edward Scissorhands and A Hedge!


The most unhappy lobster I have ever seen. That man made this expression all day. Like a sad-face emoticon. 🙁


Adored the seagull-man. Brilliant costume.


Here are pics of me get interviewed for the news. So exciting.

parade70 parade71

When I marched, people cheered at me:


And took photos of me:


My dad was there! And he cheered for me! It was most heartening.

parade80 parade78

And my dad’s freaky doppelganger was also there! He was there last time I went as well. According to others, he goes to all the parades. With his parrot and his dog.

Here’s last time’s photo:


And here’s this time’s photo:


And these were my favorite bystanders. That is some fine whale-tail.


And finally, the piece de resistance. I did not apply adequate sunscreen, and when I got home, I looked like this:


I call this “Poor Choices Theater.” It hurts SO MUCH. I’m going to get through it. Next year if I go to the Mermaid Parade (purely to watch) I am wearing a bedsheet with two holes cut out for eyes like a ghost.

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