Gosh, I love humor. Stand-up comedy, a quality drawing, hell, even a good meme works. I love how out of sorrow or misfortune comes laughter. For example, Paula Deen. We’re all aware of what just happened with Paula Deen, right? With the racism? Well, her social media team is still sending out tweets like nothing is wrong. Her tweet the other day was:

My favorite potluck dish is _______. RT me your answer!

I would have said something dopey like “Butter”. But people got really creative and I ended up laughing like a lunatic at my desk. Here were some of their responses.


Massa spare us ribs

Black beans and white rice… On separate but equal plates, tho.

Swing Low Sweet Cherry Pie

Uncle Tom’s Cabbage

Onion Luther Ring Jr.



Rosa Porkchops

Whips n’ dip

Wade in the Waffles

Civil Rice

Chef Boy-are-you-lookin-me-in-the-eye-ar-dee


We shall over-crumb cake

Salt and Vin*gger chips

Brilliant. I am envious of that level of awesome.

While we’re on the topic of humor, I’m going to list my favorite comedians. I try to avoid drugs and alcohol to deal with everyday trials and tribulations, and for me, listening to unch-unch-unch dance music and stand-up comedy helps to lift my spirits. I’ll do my top most-favoristest people and (in my opinion) their best albums.

1. Patton Oswalt. Albums you should listen to: Feelin’ Kinda Patton, Werewolves and Lollipops, My Weakness is Strong, Finest Hour

2. Bill Burr. Albums you should listen to: Why Do I Do This?, Let It Go

3. Chris Rock. Album you should listen to: Bigger & Blacker

4. John Mulaney. Albums you should listen to: The Top Part, New in Town

5. Greg Behrendt. Albums you should listen to: Greg Behrendt is Uncool, That Guy From That Thing

6. The Sklar Brothers. Albums you should listen to: Poppin’ the Hood, Sklar Maps, their podcast Sklarbro Country

7. Kyle Kinane. Album you should listen to: Whiskey Icarus

8. Pete Holmes. Albums you should listen to: Impregnated with Wonder, Nice Try the Devil

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