An artist I be diggin’.

Before Tiffany’s style of stained glass, the windows in Europe were painted with a mixture of powdered glass, fired, and rinse-and-repeat until layers and shadows built up. It’s extremely hard and you have to train for a long time. It looks like this.


Now, in Alabama there is a big artist collective and they had a group show where they created work based on Grumpy Cat in the material of their choosing. Most of the art was lovely, but one piece was especially stunning – Judson Portzer’s Sir Grumpsalot. Brilliant.

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Here’s Judson’s bio:

The time-honored skill of glass painting sets Judson Portzer’s studio apart as an almost magical space within Lowe Mill. Judson uses “paint” consisting of finely ground particles of colored glass to render intensely beautiful images that seem to carry the weight of centuries of history. Layers of the glass paint are added to panes and then selectively removed to create highlights before being fired in a kiln to become permanently fused.

Here’s some of his drawings.

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Here’s his calligraphy.

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And here are a few of his glass paintings. Sometimes he works with other artists. Judson does the faces, hands and details, and someone else does the fabric and background.

48255_123397034478210_1774453002_o 281192_121551957996051_1352283210_o 488225_175283369289576_863480673_n 547209_183700491781197_1884961393_n 558809_183700418447871_896966535_n

He does oldey-timey style (real oldey-timey, like Byzantine) windows as well, if that’s what the project requires.

664283_124521631032417_1026341455_o 132111_120571374760776_578571695_o

And I really like this butterfly (it’s the same butterfly, photographed first in a window and then on a light table). And this flower.

193100_115005778650669_2026991338_o 419196_162987840519129_565311547_n 132802_123548517796395_2140723484_o

I think he’s great. Apparently in addition to doing church windows, Judson has a booth at the local Renaissance fair. I wish he was closer, I would totally buy a piece of his. So awesome.

Addition: Someone also did a Grumpy Cat Wall Street Journal portrait. I will never get tired of this cat and this meme. Never.


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