It’s my 600th post everyone! Six-effin-hundred. That’s a lot of words. I will now celebrate by shimmying in chair while listening to “Hey Ya.”

Now that’s that completed, it was Fashion Week in New York. I try very hard not to pay attention to Fashion Week because a fine fine sliver of fashion is cool and interesting but the majority of it is either boring as all get-out or freakish with no other intent other than to be freakish. See picture below for clarity.

Fabien Verriest

What is that? The flowers and grass clippings stuck to the face, fine, but the shirt has a hole in it and the weird shoulder fabric and sleeve on one side, there’s no need for any of this. Stop that. You’re making me sleepy.

It’s probably for the best I stay away from the world of fashion because look what I saw today! YIP YIP YIP LEGGINGS. OMG I WANT SOME.

If you don’t know why those are super-great, here is a clip from Sesame Street for you featuring the martians:


Something vaguely fashionable that I bought recently is some pieces of Fordite. What is Fordite you ask? Fordite, or Detroit Agate, is from when cars were hand-sprayed with paint and then baked in an oven to seal in the color. The overspray would build up on the apparatus and the workers would break the paint off as it got too much. Someone noticed that, hey, it was kind of beautiful, all those different colors, so they polished them like rocks and made them into jewelry. Now a different technique is used to paint cars with almost no overspray so Fordite is a relatively rare commodity. A woman on Etsy is selling pieces, so I bought a few. I’ll see how big they are when I get them and I’ll make myself some nice pendants with it.

tumblr_mcjnng4cT61rjxhlko1_500 fordite-bracelets e5571f6059cfe43fdc5b94f3857eaf31 il_fullxfull.500466365_lfsf il_fullxfull.501799423_hr9o

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