Two artists that are magnificent and humbling.

I was perusing a bunch of websites as I do every day or so and I saw these weird little stegosaurus-monsters with barnacles all over them made of clay.


I was intrigued so I clicked and lo, a world of magic and wonder was revealed to me. Meet Slava Leontyev and Anya Stasenko. They’re Russian and they’re AMAZING. Here’s what they do.

First, Slava creates an animal. He has a ton of molds he’s made and he takes this tail and this eye and these horns and he brings it all together, smoothing and melding the elements together. The creatures are absolutely delightful and if Slava stopped there, it would be fine.

8776_484205604935366_1873980166_n 14311_484205114935415_164763836_n 886000_540361182653141_1659952026_o 303392_416857228336871_603587279_n 548959_377492198940041_355250335_n 575974_536701023019157_291068859_n 1005876_578261098863149_2142954830_n

But then more stuff happens. Anya is an illustrator that reminds me of the British illustrator Arthur Rackham. This is one of her drawings.


Anya draws right onto the clay, and then paints over it with what appears to be black glaze. Then I imagine it is fired, sealing the black glaze to the porcelain.

561233_370499172972677_2006946956_n 523267_369994046356523_262796954_n 533649_518028498219743_347077586_n 819426_522703317752261_1369587753_o 20118_507245335964726_331520819_n 407988_337444402944821_931409701_n

And then Anya paints with color. She is amazing. I can’t even with the beautifulness.

774414_513755595313700_1355289690_o 295301_515271978495395_1171482878_n 269305_515272031828723_583339611_n 17698_527375167285076_731188653_n 378530_327950960560832_1986822204_n 405102_382273848461876_441384998_n 471730_382273908461870_2006474816_o 424963_367556743266920_2081274024_n 425458_341395035883091_685161795_n 426161_341395115883083_2003261941_n

Are you seeing this??? ARE YOU???

426892_358789387476989_1497602417_n 432222_491119080910685_1464825171_n 544586_436627159693211_1525468708_n 391498_436627056359888_1959147471_n 523177_466494750039785_1555632701_n 253105_476145099074750_802876252_n

Ohmygod. Much to my sadness, they make the pieces to order as requested by clients and I can’t commit to any one beastie or style or motif. I WANT ALL THE THINGS. When I finally get my act together, I will pick a design and get something made. In the meantime, I friended them on Facebook (I recommend you do as well) and watch their creations with a mixture of envy and desire.

If you want to commission a work of art, here’s their website. It’s in Russian but Google will translate it for you.


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