Things I have liked recently.


One star book reviews. I especially appreciated this one because I often hate classical books:

“The evidence is mounting. I am a philistine.”


2. I didn’t ride on it the last time I was there, but there’s a Bug Carousel at The Bronx Zoo! I adore the dung beetle bench. If I ever got married, me and my beau would need to take fancy wedding pictures on the dung beetle bench.

bronxzoo.020 BugCarousel_BronxZoo bronxzoo.019 bronxzoo.014 bronxzoo.012 6


3. I now want to make see-through stickers and put them on things.



4. I received some spam as I do on a regular basis. I was going to delete it, but before I did I noticed that it was sent from someone who’s name was “Breast Nexus.” Is that not the greatest name from a steamy romance novel? Seriously. I typed “Breast Nexus” into Google and got this:


Wow. Okay. This photoshop then immediately had to be made.


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