This is Charta!!!*

*I think I’ve used that one before. I don’t care. I like it. I’m using it again.

First, a random collection of charts I’ve seen on the internet:

2014-04-07-59e8604 1688692_10152138290329754_874161226_n 1975081_10152363742612994_1925787722_n romo-threatdisplays-pictumblr_n1nvueL7QC1qa0uujo1_500 Y58L YBM7 enhanced-buzz-3864-1390444491-16 292014023047 2220140211111 tumblr_mnoj9rYPhc1qbze77o1_500 owl-plumage

And I’d like to draw your attention to Gemma Correll. I like her stuff a great deal. I hope to see more of her awesomeness in the future.

701063_1465989_lz enhanced-17804-1395856756-7 enhanced-17849-1395857812-23 enhanced-18963-1395858013-4 punday-12 tumblr_mzt0xhBOiv1qhlsrfo1_500 tumblr_n2xzabHnZO1qhlsrfo1_500

And in case you’re wondering if she really looks like the girl in the fourth image, yup, yes she does.


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