Artists that be brangin’ it.

First, spam. When I was twelve I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail for the first time and it had a great effect on me. So when I received this stellar piece of spammery:


All I could think of was this scene from MP and the HG.

Okay, artists that are amazing and have come into my orbit recently. There’s Jeremy Fish’s new work. I’ve blogged about Jeremy Fish before. I love his work so much I made a signed poster he made the centerpiece of my living room wall. Well, I just saw some of his newer work and it’s really great. I love how he is evolving without giving up his signature style.

jeremy_fish_new_drawings_04 jeremy_fish_new_drawings_05 jeremy_fish_new_drawings_06

And there’s Cody Eich the tattoo artist. I adore his colors and his nature themes. If I could commit to a tattoo design, it would most likely be one like his.

cody-eich-06 cody-eich-tattoo-02 cody-eich-tattoo-03 cody-eich-tattoo-04 tumblr_mq6779AzFx1r365rto1_500


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