Empire State Tattoo Expo.

A weekend ago there was a tattoo expo a block from my house. Now, I don’t have any tattoos but I love every kind of art and did I mention it was a block from my house? I called up Snorth and off we went to the tattoo expo.


I didn’t take any pictures while I was there because I really wanted to focus on looking at all the displays and I took the risk that everything I saw would be on the internet. Luckily I was right, so all the pictures you see here were pulled off of the artist’s/company’s Facebook pages. We’ve all seen a great many tattoos in our lives and I was bracing myself for some unfortunate artwork. This guy I saw once comes to mind. I don’t think I saw any sub-par work. Every single artist I saw was above-average to out-of-this-world amazing. I could not believe the level of skill I was witnessing. I’m going to talk about three artists in particular, but here’s a quick glance at some of the other artists.

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The talent, it was awe-inspiring. The first artist I walked past that knocked me out of my socks was Nathan Mould. He hails from Pittsburgh and his work is mostly black and white geometric using pointillism to create gradations.

nathan mould 1625597_503451586442543_1790553805_n 1174877_522251134562588_324633065_n 10294347_546320115489023_7154979655685657544_n 10155501_530248547096180_4884797846923950179_n 10330419_549182365202798_5192036825946569774_n 10289897_547749565346078_7214477944633046952_n 1-1YGhXs6Z 1185166_520080604779641_1477773417_n 586779670c2d29d08e8741ba4ade28d5 1979553_527900617330973_1763943770_n 1982082_523696617751373_1903998195_n

He was selling a t-shirt and he could have charged fifty bucks for it, I would have bought it anyway.


Then the next two artists were focusing mainly on the vibrantly colored watercolor technique incorporating a computerized collage feel. I saw Ivana Belakova, originally from Slovakia, now working in L.A. She’s on the right.


I loved that she could tattoo any subject, but always in her very distinct style. You want a car? She does a car.


You want a portrait of your dog? You got it.


Or your kid? No problem.


How about a beet? Now everyone will want a beet. I sure do.


I loved her bird and animal work most, though.

1620451_822418401108927_175778414_n 1797548_822418467775587_1182766175_n 1610081_851487494868684_424131178_n 13953_648620038488765_926140642_n 17890_578169508867152_1112133228_n 6347_596784433672326_1759980406_n 560259_614337505250352_1790445095_n 543177_541435195873917_1414881293_n

And the last artist I encountered was Justin Nordine (on the left). His studio is presently in Massachusetts. Snorth and I ended up talking to him while he prepared to tattoo a rainbow chameleon on a man’s thigh.

10474944_303679189803042_1009022546_n 10483549_928520813847952_251377751_n d2ac2850cc79f3073764e3f082adaafa 33b49f5caac550835efb96298647fe10 211d7e87ef098f576fe802ab280a762f 492cf74dc75117e20fd0450c6aab6e25 10362238_263356203851106_1067571248_n

Later when I went to his Facebook page, I saw the drawing of the rainbow chameleon and the finished piece! (No surprise, it came out brilliantly.)

10401764_1447441095506708_1032180134_n 925293_718059688253505_223415715_n

Here are the websites of all these artists. If you want to get something done by them, be prepared to wait several months. They have a long list.




While weaving up and down the aisles, I noticed an enormous inflatable something-or-other in the middle area. When we circled back around I realized it was a booth with giant jelly jar of moonshine on top from the Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Company. I found a picture of the booth elsewhere, you’ll need to imagine it in a big open convention hall.


I asked if I could buy a jar and they said no, the law prohibits them from selling the jar. What I could have was a shot. A shot of moonshine. I don’t really drink ever and it was 11:30 in the morning, but when an opportunity presents itself you take it. I was given the choice of original, lemon drop, cherry or charred.


I voted for cherry, hoping that the fruit would mellow the inevitable burn of the 100-proof moonshine.


I said I just wanted a taste, but the nice man poured me about two shots worth and then threw four cherries in. Hoo boy. I sniffed it. It smelled like something you would clean a hospital with.

I took a sip. Have you ever drank poison? I imagine what happened is what would happen if you drank poison. First, my chest got all warm on the inside and my left eyelid decided to close. It was done for the day. Then I ate a cherry. My nose-bridge began sweating and my tongue went numb. All I could taste was metal. I am not exaggerating. Snorth was watching me, she can attest to all of this. I politely handed my still-full cup back to the nice man, said thank you as best as I could with my tongue (“thakkoo”) and tried to continue on my way. I turned to talk to Snorth and she said, “Yeah, you reek of rubbing alcohol.” Fumes were coming off of me. But now I can say I’ve tried moonshine. Another thing on my list of things to impress youngsters. “Gather ’round children, lemme tell you about the time I tried NyQuil-flavored-propane.”

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