Kitchen countertop is painted!

I hunkered down and got some work done this weekend because I am running out of patience. I want to stop washing my dishes in the bathtub. It’s been months. I’m 100% over it. So I spent all weekend painting five fish (below is an example, first the stencil and then with highlights and lowlights added):

fishes-countertop countertop2

And highlights on any part of the circles intersecting.

countertop1 countertop3

I also laid out where all the pebble tiles are going to go. Now I need to glue down all the tiles, grout them and then finally – FINALLY!! – I can pour the resin and then call in the plumber to attach the sink and dishwasher. And then everything in my apartment will be washed and I shall rejoice.

countertop5 countertop4

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