A coupla things.

1. If I have a low-resolution image but I still want to use it and I want it to look good, I would maybe do this because this is rad:



2. Speaking of design, someone okayed a photo of a man diving into a pool for a New York fitness club ad that was on one side of my Facebook screen. Aside from the fact of why this was a targeted ad for me, it was so small and grainy that I thought it was a portrait of Doctor Finkenstein from Nightmare Before Christmas mutating in a pool. Here is the ad:


And here’s who I see every time I see it.

1009418677a2032735007b35690522l Nightmare_Before_Christmas_Dr_F


3. In addition, Facebook is sending me this over and over again and I find it off-putting.


What? What Rothman thing wouldn’t you understand? Adult-onset diabetes? An inability to whisper? I hate this shirt.

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