Kitchen, Part Never-Ending Ouroboros.

Backsplash! I’ve started working on it. I waffled back and forth on a variety of ideas but now I have finally decided on this.

backsplash-oven-2014 backsplash-sink-2014-v2 backsplash-twowalls-2014

In order to decide if I liked it I stared at it for several days to see if I would get sick of it. I did not, so I began the painting process. First, a brown paper bag-colored basecoat. Then I did the first layer of splotches but the sponges weren’t diffuse enough.


So I got tiny round sponges on tiny sticks and started painting individual dots. It’s a long way off but it’s getting closer.

backsplash4 backsplash2

After I paint several million more dots I will re-update. SO MANY DOTS.


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