All kinds of items from the internet.

1. The world wide web has given us many treasures over the years. One is Birds With Arms. It’s a Tumblr. With Photoshopped pictures. Of birds with arms. Enjoy some of my favorites.

birds_with_arms_4 birds_with_arms_6 birds_with_arms_8 birds_with_arms_19 birds_with_arms_23 birds_with_arms birds-with-arms-04 oZeGESn tumblr_ku7nohor561qzeqyio1_500 tumblr_ltk6ijidt61qk9h0go1_500 tumblr_m5z0uea90k1r24f7q tumblr_m6mk8kR5xC1qzeqyio1_500 tumblr_m34d29mphA1r7wmwjo1_500 tumblr_n6bqwxEi0l1svyny6o1_500 tumblr_n6yieeBrvr1qbi0ero1_500 tumblr_nbyuduLPRw1skdefzo2_500

Also, Drunk J. Crew. Someone noticed that the models in the J. Crew catalog tend to look inebriated. They added text to the pictures. The rest is magic.

tumblr_ndhy8nszms1u1vp1qo1_500 tumblr_ndhyfi793E1u1vp1qo1_500 tumblr_ndhz5hsLdd1u1vp1qo1_500 tumblr_ndk3atOyZW1u1vp1qo1_500 tumblr_ndmljiNZvw1u1vp1qo1_500

2. I was pottering around and saw this phenomenal artist Dashi Namdakov. He does Mongolian-infused artwork in a myriad of mediums. Giant bronze sculptures:

dashi-namdakov-pietrasanta-scultura fafc6ace81eb8d2c1aa099d6207f70e4 Dashi+Namdakov

Small sculptures:

zodiac_monkey_aa1ca3_mp tumblr_m40t7dx2AM1qjbdzw f9865eaa0b0268eb535f51b0801a522d b3d3cf9a6726609c2d438a1a02a1245a 14991ce85a84f33ee8b3fdde32bab334 89164664_large_Salvador__statuyetka_ 036_Dashi-Namdakov 0_9ab99_f7428373_XL 0_9ab8f_d3048b84_XL

But (not surprisingly if you’ve met me) the work by him I simply adored was his jeweled creatures.

0_9ab8c_3e7cb9e_L 7ff689459be553bca1282ff8295b1532 89164665_large_Sverchok e4bd2b14f474e33f5ce6abf6ca9139e3

Addendum 12/3/2014: Look at the commercial I saw today!

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