Two artists that caught my eye recently.

Elspeth McClean. She paints rocks. Well, she paints a variety of surfaces, but primarily it’s rocks. Rocks covered in dots. They are fantastic.

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Occasionally Elspeth will paint zodiac signs on the rocks. Or maybe a bird.

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But it’s mainly dots on rocks. I also like her oddly-shaped rocks.


And her mandalas.

882502_639041812820456_1564001960_o 10984481_921253321265969_4949725231426680297_n

Since there is a huge demand for her work (as there should be) Elspeth will randomly put a bunch up in her Etsy store with no warning. They sell out almost immediately. Someday maybe I will be lucky enough to have a rock by her.

The other artist is Xavier Casalta. He also works predominantly with dots but they are very different. Much smaller. And in greater numbers.

1912373_726418474062260_7989550192895699335_n 10257191_665972590106849_7633341115628444447_o

His ability to shade and craft letters using pointillism is impeccable.

1236790_572298892807553_265504181_n 1276256_565016020202507_166387007_o 1497904_733321143371993_8885882813240956662_o 1553209_633588900011885_1017007758_o 1553339_624480827589359_1970899580_o 1796564_644371328933642_1180440078_n 10308318_675260262511415_1494300721608348306_n pan1

I’m a little bit obsessed with Xavier’s skill. That takes a level of focus I don’t think I have.

ampersand1 10665697_743894128981361_2030061136737723701_n

You can order some of his stellar work through his website:

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