The Earth’s bounty. Of stuff and things.

While I’m editing my 4,000 South America photos (more than halfway done! Hooray for me!) let’s look at some things.

1. That’s a pretty dope tattoo.



2. Were we all aware there is a Halloween-themed bat? It’s called the Painted Bat and it’s awesome.



3. And there’s that Sea Bunny. Can’t get enough of him either. “Hey Jess, what did you do today?” “I watched sea slug videos on YouTube. All day.” 


4. I don’t know why this girl making s’mores in the most epic way ever causes me to laugh so much, but it does and here it is.


5. Recently there was a marvelous exchange on Facebook that I loved. A guy named Jonathan Aslay posted what makes a woman irresistible to a man (or at least what he thinks makes a woman irresistible to a man). It said:


Fine. That’s an okay list. Whatever. Lots of people agreed with Jonathan.


Some people, however, had different views. They listed what they look for in a woman. And, not surprisingly, it got weird fast. Real fast.

third-post fourth-postfifth-post post2 post3 post4

Some people had questions as you might imagine.


People then expressed love for the conversation thread itself.


And it wrapped up neatly with this final statement.


So what we can glean from this is:
What makes a woman irresistible to a man is if she is Neil Gaiman, or possibly Terry Pratchett. With massive knockers.

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