Internet treasures.

1. I didn’t know I wanted this until I saw it and then I was so grateful. Thank you, Person Who Made This.


2. I was talking to my co-worker SuzieQ and I was trying to tell her about, a website of animal videos structured the same way many amalgamating porn sites are built, but with cats playing and dogs wrassling and birds making squawky noises. It was the saddest conversation because I could not for the life of me remember the correct names for the porn sites being referenced. I told her it was like PornHusk or RedBlob. I actually said that. She looked at me sadly. Anyway, there’s a nice pet website out there for you to look at.


3. Calamityware, a company that designs Chinese-style porcelain with bad things happening and whose mugs I own, has come out with a line of plates. Also filled with bad things. Also that I wished I owned but I’m going to draw the line. My favorite one, not surprisingly, is the one where the picturesque village is overrun with frogs.



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