Artists that make me want to quit my job and make crafts all day.

Ugh. So much talent. I know I sound like a teenage girl but I can’t even. I got two artists today that are making me feel a large selection of feels.

Amok Island. He’s an artist who paints nature-based paintings using flat colors and geometric shapes, a lot of circles, and I can’t get enough of Amok’s work. It kind of reminds me of Charlie Harper’s work, the similarity being the plants and animals as primary subjects and the clean and minimal color plains, reducing the subject down to its simplest of forms. I am a sucker for thistles or thistle-like plants as well as color transitions like ombre so I am smitten and I want to see all the murals and buy all the prints.

I think it’s great that Amok painted the cross-section of the fish in this mural.

Here’s an article about him if you’d like more information.


LullabyForFox. THE RUSSIANS. It’s always the Russians, bringing their absurd crazy talent from their frosty land. LullabyForFox creates soft sculptures. She makes their bodies out of plush material and then makes the face, arms, legs, wings, etc. out of polymer clay. They are so charming and friendly and bright.


LullabyForFox is on Etsy and her work is extremely reasonable. I would snap up a handful of these masterpieces.

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