The enigma of Maureen Maher.

As I have mentioned numerous times I watch an absurd amount of television. Like, borderline unconscionable. I do like me those one hour crime stories. I’ve watched a lot of 48 Hours and in the process I’ve seen a lot of host Maureen Maher. Here’s the deal: Most of these hosts stand in front of a benign pattern  / green screen wearing a dark-colored whatever and tell the intro and outro of the story. Not Maureen. Maureen shows up every time in a complex leather jacket with a lot of flaps and buttons. If she’s in front of a green screen it’s got a run-down warehouse on it (why?) and she’ll often hold her hands in weird positions in front of her torso like she’s a noble in Louis XIV’s court. I did some research and apparently others have noticed this.


I consider this a true diamond image in a pile of coal images. We’ve got a flappity jacket, a crappy 3D warehouse AND Maureens’s doing something extra-weird with her hands, making a portal or stargate of some kind. It’s all-encompassing. I feel like I’ve been blessed.

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  1. Yo okay says:

    I’m a relatively recent viewer And I do like Maureen but yeah I was like does she have a hand disorder. Or even she lost both her arms? Not that anything wrong with that, or some neurological condition. Maybe both of her elbows were broken in a motorcycle accident.

    Or sure, maybe Maureen was raised to move her arms like that. I don’t know how she’d be able to open a pickle jar though.

    I do enjoy her as a presenter, she’s good. And yeah, awesome leather jacket. Maybe it’s also a curiosity that exposes ourselves more than a no-arm hand-puppetry presenter such as she might be. Maybe she can move her defunct, vestigal hands with the power of her mind. Or a backpack she wears with cables and whatnot.

  2. Nikki says:

    I am glad I am not the only one who is bugged by the hand gestures! It seems that she holds something in her hands and it looks freaking weird!!! It is overly distracting !!!!

  3. Harold says:

    Just to let Ms. Maher, I’m a fan of hers! I’m not a fan of the bad ground sights she’s beautiful and! gorgeous leather jacket! As far as her jeans and linen pant are more comfortable I’d prefer skirts and or dresses with the jackets! It’s Ms.Maher makes forty eight hours! Please don’t let her go! Her jackets
    Makes her as her style is Ms.Maher! Most beautiful than those sleeveless tops or dresses Paula Zahan wears plus other news anchors. These ugly clothing with Michele Obama ugly square necks and sleeves! I’m seeing these liberal news and magazines will not post pictures of our beautiful gorgeous First Lady elegant gorgeous intelligent lady!

  4. Kimberlea Hampton says:

    It’s odd, I’m so confused about the strange hand movements & the horrible leather death trap jackets she wears. I feel like she’s doing the intro to a bondage clip…LOL!! Her hands are screaming help me I’m a puppet I want to be a real girl one day!! Jokes Aside she does do a good job!!

  5. Tom says:

    I noticed the same things while watching 48 hours with my wife. Between the jackets that tighten up around her lower stomach and the small hand movements, we surmise that maybe she has a little tummy that she is covering up, that is noticeable when she moves.

    In previous roles other shows, she tends to sit down in the interview position. If she moved her hands and arms sitting down, then maybe she has a habit of moving her hands and arms in the same way standing up.

    I really think she is more comfortable sitting down as in her previous work. It shows.

    She definitely does not look comfortable. However she does do a good job.

  6. Deborah Bennett says:

    I personally think Maureen had a zipper fetish. Come on enough is enough. At least break up the monotony of the same clothes. To me she looks like shes pinching her fingers. With so people making comments you would think she would have a new routine and new wardrobe. Please Maureen it’s getting very hard to watch you.

  7. Debbie says:

    Why does maher always hold her elbows out and index fingers and thumbs like she’s holding something. Really annoying. As well as her endless leather jackets. Good show though, just distracting to watch

  8. Debbie says:

    Just wanted to say something about my earlier message. I just wanted to say she is a great at interviewing and narrating. Just found the other stuff annoying. Probably just something I notice.

  9. Frank says:

    Maureen for president
    Everyone gets a leather jacket

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