PTAC Improvement Part Finished.

Okay! I did it! It is extremely good considering I had no idea what I was doing.

I spray-painted the PTAC casing with spray paint meant for plastic but it never looked crispy-white, there was still a whole lotta beige. So I sponged Ye Olde White Rust-oleum Enamel Paint all over which made it a bit shiny but that’s okay, at least now it’s white. I have a major bone to pick with the design department at GE. I wanted to buy white silicone. White. Here’s what the white silicone looks like:

And here is what the clear silicone looks like:

The only difference is a teeny-tiny word in the corner. That’s it.

Yeah. Which is how I ended up with several tubes of clear. It’s fine, I used it for the base layer to lock in the foam and then used the white for the final visible layer. That way I’m sure there’s no air leaks all around.

Fun fact: I don’t think you’re supposed to put the silicone on after you’ve put the plastic faceplate on because now I have rendered it impossible to open but ehhh, it looks smooth and if anyone needs access I can slice the silicone neatly along the edge and patch it when it goes back. I have no regrets.

Is it glorious? No. But it doesn’t punch you in the face with its ugliness as you enter the room. Your brain doesn’t even acknowledge its existence which is really what I was going for. Quick reminder of the before:

VERY noticeable. VERY hooogly. Now, vastly improved. I’m quite pleased with myself. Pat on the back to me.

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