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Saturday, February 18th, 2023

Recently I saw a post on Tumblr.

Now, you might be “that is certainly a collection of words that mean nothing to me” but I understood! I understood all of it! And I’m going to explain it to you because it’s actually quite interesting.

This is a person named maia arson crimew. The all lowercase is intentional.

Her chosen pronouns are she and it. I’m going to use she for this post. Her last name is a mashup of “crime” (because she commits crimes) and “mew” (because she likes cats). She uses a super-cute cat drawing to identify herself. I love that her website looks like 1999 garbage.

She’s a Swiss 23-year-old and she’s a hacker. maia is quite good at it, too. But her latest act was to get the TSA no-fly list and release it to the public. The way maia showed she had accessed it is a point of interest to people: She took a picture of the site with a cute lil plushie and said “holy sh*t, we actually have the nofly list. holy f*cking bingle, what?!  :3”

People loved her whole personality.


But a lot of people were not okay with how she chose to identify herself or live her life, despite the fact that she bothered precisely no one about it. She is:

A therian, or individuals who believe or feel that they are non-human animals in a non-biological sense.

A bi lesbian, and a polyamorous one at that, who has nine girlfriends. I don’t know what a bi lesbian is, but again, she’s bothering no one so go for it.

A hard-core socialist. From her Wikipedia page: She has cited curiosity, anti-capitalism, anarchism, and opposition to the concept of intellectual property as the motives for her hacking, stating that “caring about literally nothing but profit definitely doesn’t result in security.”

On her Twitter bio, crimew describes herself as an “indicted hacktivist/security researcher, artist, mentally ill enby polyam trans lesbian anarchist kitten.”

A small portion of the LGBTQ+ community has problems with how she chooses to identify herself. They want her to be called something “sensible.”


Let us refer back to the original image.

We can now translate it! Clarity!

Bonus: She’s really quite delightful.

And if you want to hear her speak about cybersecurity, here’s maia is on a podcast.