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Y’all need to learn about Ea-nasir.

Sunday, April 30th, 2023

Short backstory to Ea-nasir: In 1750 BC in Ur (modern-day Iraq) some guy named Nanni bought copper ingots from a guy named Ea-nasir. Nanni, upon arriving to Dilmun to pick up his order, found the copper to be substandard. Nanni then carved the first negative Yelp-esque review in history. The internet has, for the last few years, been delighted by Ea-nasir and his shady ways.

There are Tiktoks galore about the Ea-nasir saga.

There’s even a whole, complex Ea-nasir / Simpsons series.

It’s kind of amazing. But we shouldn’t be surprised that the first complaint took off like gangbusters on the internet. The internet is for porn and complaining. It is its nature.

Art is now confounding.

Saturday, April 1st, 2023

I do not understand cryptocurrency. I totally cop to that. I assumed it was like money but magical internet money. I feel like it’s more than that. For example, there’s this art piece called G.E.M.M.A. by a street artist I adore, Tristan Eaton. Here are some of his murals.


G.E.M.M.A. appears to be a computer-generated version of his art with variations of all those elements Tristan incorporates into his work. That’s cool.


But you can’t purchase any unless you have crypto and then… you don’t necessarily own the piece? I was like “Here’s an idea – how about I give you money, or beans, a big bag of beans, those are worth something, you can plant them, and then in return you give me An Art? We revert to the ancient concept of the exchange of payment for goods and services. No? Okay.” =insert my confusion=


Update: Now you can buy some of them in this plane of existence so why didn’t they do that before? I’m going to take a nap.