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Y’all need to learn about Ea-nasir.

Sunday, April 30th, 2023

Short backstory to Ea-nasir: In 1750 BC in Ur (modern-day Iraq) some guy named Nanni bought copper ingots from a guy named Ea-nasir. Nanni, upon arriving to Dilmun to pick up his order, found the copper to be substandard. Nanni then carved the first negative Yelp-esque review in history. The internet has, for the last few years, been delighted by Ea-nasir and his shady ways.

There are Tiktoks galore about the Ea-nasir saga.

There’s even a whole, complex Ea-nasir / Simpsons series.

It’s kind of amazing. But we shouldn’t be surprised that the first complaint took off like gangbusters on the internet. The internet is for porn and complaining. It is its nature.

Art is now confounding.

Saturday, April 1st, 2023

I do not understand cryptocurrency. I totally cop to that. I assumed it was like money but magical internet money. I feel like it’s more than that. For example, there’s this art piece called G.E.M.M.A. by a street artist I adore, Tristan Eaton. Here are some of his murals.


G.E.M.M.A. appears to be a computer-generated version of his art with variations of all those elements Tristan incorporates into his work. That’s cool.


But you can’t purchase any unless you have crypto and then… you don’t necessarily own the piece? I was like “Here’s an idea – how about I give you money, or beans, a big bag of beans, those are worth something, you can plant them, and then in return you give me An Art? We revert to the ancient concept of the exchange of payment for goods and services. No? Okay.” =insert my confusion=


Update: Now you can buy some of them in this plane of existence so why didn’t they do that before? I’m going to take a nap.


I am cool and hip. This is it. This is the one time.

Saturday, February 18th, 2023

Recently I saw a post on Tumblr.

Now, you might be “that is certainly a collection of words that mean nothing to me” but I understood! I understood all of it! And I’m going to explain it to you because it’s actually quite interesting.

This is a person named maia arson crimew. The all lowercase is intentional.

Her chosen pronouns are she and it. I’m going to use she for this post. Her last name is a mashup of “crime” (because she commits crimes) and “mew” (because she likes cats). She uses a super-cute cat drawing to identify herself. I love that her website looks like 1999 garbage.

She’s a Swiss 23-year-old and she’s a hacker. maia is quite good at it, too. But her latest act was to get the TSA no-fly list and release it to the public. The way maia showed she had accessed it is a point of interest to people: She took a picture of the site with a cute lil plushie and said “holy sh*t, we actually have the nofly list. holy f*cking bingle, what?!  :3”

People loved her whole personality.


But a lot of people were not okay with how she chose to identify herself or live her life, despite the fact that she bothered precisely no one about it. She is:

A therian, or individuals who believe or feel that they are non-human animals in a non-biological sense.

A bi lesbian, and a polyamorous one at that, who has nine girlfriends. I don’t know what a bi lesbian is, but again, she’s bothering no one so go for it.

A hard-core socialist. From her Wikipedia page: She has cited curiosity, anti-capitalism, anarchism, and opposition to the concept of intellectual property as the motives for her hacking, stating that “caring about literally nothing but profit definitely doesn’t result in security.”

On her Twitter bio, crimew describes herself as an “indicted hacktivist/security researcher, artist, mentally ill enby polyam trans lesbian anarchist kitten.”

A small portion of the LGBTQ+ community has problems with how she chooses to identify herself. They want her to be called something “sensible.”


Let us refer back to the original image.

We can now translate it! Clarity!

Bonus: She’s really quite delightful.

And if you want to hear her speak about cybersecurity, here’s maia is on a podcast.

The Tale of Sharon and The Pie of Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022

This is a year old already which in Internet Years is four billion but it’s still worth sharing. Here’s the deal: This was the image that got all the attention.

The Internet went ape.

Then Phyllis showed up.

And The Internet (which I have made a large globular sentient being and that’s fine) was like “The Green Bean Incident??? Tell us everything!!”

The whole thing is magnificent and the only people I feel sorry for are the people also named Sharon Weiss who woke up one morning with a ton of unwarranted comments. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Some artists I am feelin’ right now.

Monday, June 27th, 2022

Warning: Strong language in some images. If your work is cool with that, go ahead. If not, don’t.


This person makes art that looks like it’s from a video game or D&D and then puts statements of importance, often of a political bent and often in the style of Lisa Frank. I find this artist delightful. The first one I saw was this one:

As a rock, stone, mineral and fossil collector, I adored it. The second one I saw:

As someone who does not bring their cups to the kitchen in a timely manner, this was also a big hit for me. Then the third one:

That’s it. I was on board with the Alchememeist hard. I joined the Facebook group and I was awash in the riches of the designs. Please, enjoy. And make sure the read the small text on the images. They are totally worth it.

Sometimes there is a category called “Gender of The Week” and I really get a kick out of the choices of items.

Because I like to support artists, I bought this shirt and wore it to the Mermaid Parade where it totally fit in.



Jeremy Fish. Yes, yes, I’ve talked about him before. Several times. But Jeremy Fish keeps making art so I have to keep posting. This is his latest series with the original sketches which is unusual, he doesn’t normally share those.



And finally, drag queens. I don’t like game shows so I don’t watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, but I watch everything around it and in that way I get to see the makeup and outfits these people come up with. Often, it is stellar. Check it out.

Come and get y’alls charts!

Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

This isn’t really a chart but it’s very informative nonetheless.

And this isn’t funny but it’s important.

The cornucopia of internet has been bountiful this year.

Tuesday, June 7th, 2022

1. Lies! I have been fed lies! I was today years old when I realized quite how jacked up our world maps are. Seriously. You ain’t ready.

You know how Asia is a billion times bigger than the U.S.? It’s not. Canada’s not that much bigger either. And Antarctica is wee compared to the mammoth island we assumed it was.


2.  It was also extremely recently when I learned this about eel teeth.

I was still recovering from the Alien jaws-within-jaws thing some eels are bringing to the horrifying table and then see-through toofers had to show up. It’s too much, eels. Take it down a notch.


3. Today is all about education. This is what that container of ice cream is called. Not that I ever thought about it but now I know so that’s cool. I can store that in my mind with “plastic ends of shoelaces are called aglets.”


4. One final nugget of knowledge: If I ever go back to Japan, I’m visiting this island.

Poison gas AND potential snorkeling? I’m 100% on board.


Artists I am feeling right now.

Sunday, May 16th, 2021

Heather Penn. If you ask me you will learn that I can draw many things, and many things very well, but I can’t draw rocks. Cliffs, piles of rocks, I suck at them. I mean, I can draw them, they just don’t look like rocks. Sometimes they look like pillows, sometimes they look like potatoes, it varies. Therefore I am smitten and not a small bit envious of Heather Penn. Look at her lush artwork. It draws you in.

Heather sells calendars and is starting to get into 3D, I think she’s creating a game studio.


Kazuma Nagai.  I first learned of this Japanese artist when I saw the silver slugs.

I dug a little deeper into his work and he gets weird. I love it.

I don’t where he sells his work but you can follow him on his instagram as well.

Sometimes I worry about Japan.

Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

I keep getting ads for a place called Sugoi Mart. They seem fine, normal, mentally sound.

But now I get different ads. Disturbing. Concerning. Off-putting.

Hey, Sugoi Mart, you okay? Do you need someone to come get you? Let me know if you need a hand there.


Addendum – 5/16/2021: That have posted additional products. My concern has not ebbed.

Randomry you didn’t know you needed, but you do.

Saturday, May 1st, 2021

1. Mirabelle the Snail by Snuff Puppets.

The music really compliments the video. If I saw that crossing the road I would need an asthma inhaler, I’d be laughing so hard.


2. There’s an episode of the older Ducktales (I still know all the words to the theme song for some reason) where, in the back, the eye chart says “Ask about the Illuminati.” I’m sure conspiracy theorists got all manner of excited about that.


3. Did not know about this creepy-as-hell mask women used to wear. You would have to hold it in place using your teeth. I imagine your jaw would get really tired being clamped like that. Never mind the potential for drooling.


4. I love this. There’s a commercial for a birth control product called Paragard. The commercial has smiling dancing people. However, as the commercial ends, it is clear the director called cut and the actors were like “whatever, just give me my paycheck already.” I guess that was supposed to be edited out but it was not. The tall dude in the middle actually checks his watch. But my favorite is the curly-haired blonde on the left.


5. I was working at an advertising agency when I noticed a rainbow on the wall. The sun was hitting something and throwing up that rainbow. Before it was gone I ran to the window and it was an crystal award shaped like a pyramid! Pink Floyd!


6. I saw a sculpture that I assumed was a joke. It is not a joke. It’s a legit sculpture. With dick grabby-grabby.

The story has man-eating horses. Trust the Greek gods to be absolute lunatics.

I tried to find this sculpture as a lawn ornament but the tallest version I found was 14 inches and like $100. If anyone finds it in lawn ornament size and at a reasonable price, please let me know.