Kitchen: Part Actual Progress!

I worked my rump off in an attempt to actually be in the “somewhere resembling done” zone when Thanksgiving came ’round. And I did! First I blotched and sponged until the kitchen was a cool browny-greeny-maroony blend.


Then I borrowed a projector from work to lay out the white lines but since my kitchen is a limited space I had to find creative ways to place the projector to get the lines where they were supposed to go. Please note projector in oven.


After I traced the lines (which looked like this):

kitchen2 kitchen1 kitchen5

I took these crazy-complicated stencils that I cut (the foot is in there for size reference):


And sponged them in their correct places and poof! Massive amounts of progress!

kitchen6 kitchen8 kitchen7

Next, trees with magenta branches. Very exciting.

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