I iz 32. Feels a lot like 31. Also, Pinkberry and forthcoming art.

I had a lovely birthday, thank you. I went up to the Berkshires in Massachusetts and saw some theater, ate some food and generally just chilled. It was extremely mellow. I saw a few movies: Grey Gardens (the new HBO movie, not the documentary it is based on), and while it was excellently acted and apparently truthful, it also made me really sad. It was a freakin’ sad film, about unfulfilled dreams and wasted talents and a lost era, all that fun stuff. Ruined my Saturday night, I can tell you that. I also saw Wedding Crashers (finally!) and it was quite good. I mean, it didn’t change my life or anything, but it was amusing and clever and I had no idea how funny Vince Vaughn was! And now I do. I might, just might see The Breakup one day, even though romantic comedies (or anti-romantic comedies, as that one appears to be) are not my bag. VV might make it worth my while.

Also, in a totally unrelated note, I have tried Pinkberry for the first time this afternoon and it is yummy-nummy. I like the bacterial tang of yogurt, so that is a lovely change from regular frozen yogurt. I would recommend what I had, regular flavor with little yogurt chips (like the coating on yogurt-covered raisins). Dee-lishious. I don’t think I’ll become addicted or anything, but I can understand why others have become so. I think the fact that small is five bucks is definitely going to prevent me from making this a habit. But it is a pleasant treat every once in a blue moon.

I’m working on a ton of projects right now, so I’ll be telling you about those as they develop. Some graphic design, some logo design, some jewelry design, whooo, it’s a busy life. I shall keep you posted.

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